Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

  1.  How the booking work?

Clients will contact us for a certain type of  child or “look”.  after a group of children are selected from our pool, we may send them for a ‘go-see’ or casting / audition. This will give the client an idea of what your children will look like in a particular shot that they required.  The client will then review these photos and select the children that fit the image of their project.  At this moment, a group of children are ‘on hold’ until the client make their final decision.  Once they short-listed the children, we will call or email the children’s parents.

Not all booking started with casting call.  Some booking can be ‘Direct Booking’.  Direct Booking is when a client chooses model / talent strictly based on the photos that they see from our website, after which they then follow with a request to see other recent photos in our file, or a request for parents to provide them with recent photos of their child.

Please note that we may not be the only agency approached, so sometimes we do not hear from them if our models were not selected.  However, we will keep our models up to date with as much information as we have.

2.  Casting

Casting / Audition is when a client would like to see the model in person (go see).  During casting, client will take test photoshoot or test video shoot.  In a test videoshoot, model / talent usually have to recite their name and something about themselves.   In a test photoshoot, model is usually asked to do a few poses in front of a camera.

3.  Any hidden fee for casting?

There are NO hidden fees.  If your child is booked, we will make a deduction from your fee as agency’s commission.  If your child is not selected, there will be no financial involvement between you and the agency. 

4. How much is GingerrBread agency’s fee / commission?

GingerrBread agency fee ranges from 20% to 35%, it all depends on the final negotiations with the client and their budget.  However, if a project is not directly from our client (out sourcing from other agency) or the project have other criteria, then our charges will not be based on percentage basis. 

We will let you know how much a job will pay when you are invited to go for a casting / audition or when we offer you a job, so you can decide whether or not to go for the casting or accept a job.

Once you accept a job or a casting it will mean that you’ve agreed to all the terms and conditions associated with that particular job.  We will not entertained any attempt of higher fee renegotiation once youve accept a job.  

5.  How much will a model earned?

The rate of pay depends on the project, the exposure and the budget.  But before models are booked on any project, we will inform their parents of the fees that is offered and they can then decide if it’s worth the money to do the assignment.  

For your information, children models earned much less than adult models, this is because children models / talents are not considered a profession.  

6. Do we need a professional photos?

We don’t really need a professional photos.  Although, it’s always best to have them.  

Professional photo present the best look of your child and make it easier for our client to see how your child will look in a professional setting.  

Photos that you send to us should be clear, focus (not blurred), bright, sharp, good quality with plain background.

7. How often will my children get a job?

Joining our agency does not mean that your child will be guaranteed to receive a job.  It all depends on our clients because they will be the ones who made the final decision.  It’s possible that your child get a booking often and it is also possible that your child never get a booking. Although, if you did not hear from us does not mean that your child was never selected.  Sometimes a child may be selected in a pool but at the end he / she did not make the final selection.  In these cases, we usually only contact the parents of models that make the final selection.  Please bear this in mind when you decide to join our agency.

8.  Will our child have to go through any training once they join GingerrBread?

We don’t require any child who joined our agency to go through training, as the appeal of a child model are their natural look and attitudes.  

However, It would be to your child / children’s benefit before casting, if you could give them some kind of guidance, so that they won’t be awkward and uncomfortable being in front of a camera.

Once your child is represented by GB, please do not expect us to train your child on how to pose, walk down the catwalk / runway, etc., since we are not license to give courses.   However, once in awhile, we will invite a trained professional to conduct a one day workshop that your child can  attend.

In the meantime, it would be good if you can put your child through a dance, music or acting courses as having these skills will always be beneficial being in this industry.

9.  Will we have to sign any contract with GingerrBread?

NOT an exclusive contract with our agency.  

But before a job, you must sign a model / talent & Client agreement that will give our client the right to use the photos or image that are taken during the job/assignment.  

10.  Agency Ethics

Please do not give your contact number directly to the client during casting or job assignment.  We will always asked our models / talent to write down our agency's name and phone number as their contact information.  

Please do not discuss your payment or agency’s fee with client and other agency’s representative that are present while you are in the casting or job assignment.

Please do not accept job directly from our client when we send you to the casting.  We can only pay you when the job acceptance are from our agency.  We will usually do a consolidation of talents once the actual project is live (who we sent and who actually did the job).

We have a right to refuse future representation if model / talent do any of the above.



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